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Diamond engagement ring in Auckland

Reasons Why A Man Should Not Buy An Engagement Ring On His Own

Auckland white gold engagement ring

Auckland white gold engagement ring

An engagement ring is something that signifies a man’s love for his girlfriend. It is also a solid proof that a man is dead serious about making his girlfriend his partner for life. By tradition, an engagement ring serves as an agreement or contract. If a man proposes to his girlfriend and she accepts the engagement ring, then the agreement to get married is on. Typically men do not wear engagement rings as they are not the ones being asked for their hand.

A guy who is planning to propose to his girlfriend and buys an engagement ring in Auckland on his own seems cute and sweet. But do you know that it is more advisable that you let your girlfriend go engagement ring shopping with you? There are four primary reasons why, check them out.

1. Your girlfriend might not like the engagement ring you bought. This is particularly true when she likes white gold ring but you bought yellow gold instead. This could be an upsetting issue for the rest of her life.

2. The engagement ring might be out of her style. Say that your girl likes silver ring, and you bought just that – only in a style that went against her taste. With this, you have put her in an extremely uncomfortable situation.

3. Your girl may be allergic to the kind of metal that makes up the engagement ring. Metal allergy is very common, especially for girls. While most people are allergic to nickel, there are also people whose skin simply doesn’t go well with even the highest forms of metal such as gold and silver. If your girlfriend happened to be allergic to silver and you gave her a silver engagement ring, chances are you wouldn’t get her sweet yes.

4. An engagement ring may not be really important to your girlfriend. If your girl is the unfussy kind with simple tastes, then a simple yet romantic proposal alone can do the magic and make her say ‘yes’.

What If You Are Planning To Surprise Her?

If you think that buying an engagement ring with your girlfriend might spoil your totally romantic engagement surprise, then you may do one of these things:

1. Give her a temporary engagement ring. If you do this, keep in mind that most women are naturally sentimental and hopelessly romantic that they will give meaning or associate a sentimental value to the engagement ring you gave.

2. Don’t give a ring at all, although this might give your girlfriend a notion that your proposal is less official.

Reasons Why It Is Better To Go Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Girlfriend

Auckland engagement ring

Auckland engagement ring

If you haven’t asked for her hand yet, perhaps you could make some more efforts in getting information regarding the type of ring she might like. You may ask her family or friends, or perhaps you could ask her to go to a jewellery shop with you and ask her there. This way, you wouldn’t look like someone who’s a bit slack for proposing without an engagement ring.

Plus, do not be in a hurry to make a decision regarding what engagement ring to buy. Give your girlfriend some time to think about what ring would be best for her.

If you have planned to surprise her, relax and consider shopping with her. Consider the fact that nowadays, most lovers don’t really make their engagement a surprise, because marriage has become something that couples talk about. If you are looking for ideas for an engagement ring in Auckland, try Orsini in Parnell. They stock Italian designer rings, their own collection of engagement rings or you can custom-design your own.

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