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Auckland Family Protection Lawyers

What Is The Job Of A Family Protection Lawyer?

One aspect of the role of a family law solicitor is to enable protection of members of the family unit in times of extreme threat from other members.  For someone to become a practicing family lawyer, they must have undertaken training in a law school and passed the bar exam in order to be allowed to serve clients. This article will highlight the issues that a family protection lawyer can assist you with.

Family Protection

In essence Auckland family protection lawyers can get a Court or Police order that prevents one family member being able to approach or threaten other family members. These situations arise for many reasons from separation, divorce, child access, finances, drug or alcohol related problems, and others. They often arise in situations like these below where feelings and emotions can run high:-

 Adoption Cases

Before adopting a child, there are certain legal requirements that have to be fulfilled. A family attorney can help you in drafting and filing the requisite legal papers pertaining to an adoption. Further, they can help you manoeuvre the legal process so that the adoption process takes less time.

  1. Emancipation Cases

Children who are below eighteen years are considered to be children under the care of a guardian or a parent. However, a child can apply to be freed from the care of their parent especially if they are being mistreated. This is known as emancipation. A family law attorney can help a parent fight an emancipation case or a child draft a strong case for emancipation.

  1. Guardianship Cases

If a child has lost their parents or the parents do not have the capability to care for the child, a relative can apply to act as the legal guardian for a child. For this to happen, there is a legal process that must be followed. A family protection lawyer can help a prospective guardian file the requisite legal papers to get custody of a child they wish to be responsible for.

  1. Divorce and Separation Cases

If you are looking to leave a toxic marriage, a family lawyer can help you in drafting the necessary papers and also making a strong claim for separation in a court of law. A lawyer in this line of work can also offer you help in getting custody of the kids from the marriage. Additionally, they can also help you in fighting for your proper share of marital assets and alimony.

  1. Offering Legal Advice

Family protection lawyers also help in mediating disputes among family members if the parties involved do not want to make a court case out of the issue at hand. They also help in monitoring the assets of a family and give legal advice when they are requested to do so by a member of the family.

Duties of A Family Protection Lawyer

Auckland Family Protection LawyersFamily lawyers are mandated to offer services to their clients in a professional and diligently. If you have a family lawyer, they should:

  • Offer advice with diligence and to the best of their ability
  • Act honestly and in your best interest as the client at all times
  • Communicate feedback to you in a timely manner should you request for help that falls in their job description. The communication should be broken down in such a way that you can understand all the legal intricacies involved.
  • Avoid situations that put them at the risk of getting a conflict of interest while offering you legal services.
  • Maintain any information that you disclose to them in the strictest confidence.
  • Follow any instructions that you give them to the letter regardless of any personal opinions that they may have.

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