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Advice from an Ellerslie real estate agent

Reasons To Heed to Your Real Estate Agent’s Advice When Selling Your Property

Mark TungMost people will lead you to think that selling a home is a difficult assignment. But as much as it is not a walk in the park, having the guidance of a real estate expert will do you good. The following tips from a real estate agent in Ellerslie will ease the entire process for you:

• Who wants to go looking for a new home to buy, only to find stained carpets and floors? No one! You should, therefore, ensure that the floors and carpets are thoroughly cleaned and have no stains. In the case where your carpet is not in a good or appealing state, it is not a good idea to have it replaced before marketing your home as you will not recover the cost and the chances are that the buyer will have a different taste anyway.

• It is wise to place your house on the market for sale just when you are sure that you want to sell it. This is because there are buyers hunting for houses the entire year and doing so will guarantee you a buyer for your home. It is surprising the number of people who list their home to gauge the market with no real intention of selling.

• It is critical for you to be flexible towards those viewing your house though it doesn’t guarantee you exceptional treatment from arrogant viewers. When the estate agent wants to arrange an open home or maybe has a hot prospect wanting a private viewing, it is a good idea to take their advice and allow the viewing to take place. Being friendly will take you a long way in the real estate industry.

Mt Wellington• Remember to keep a close look at your lawn to ensure that it is appealing in the eyes of prospective buyers. Ensure that the brown spots are removed, and you can factor in the use of some fertilizer. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy is a small job but one that can be worth thousands of dollars in the final selling price.

• These days more people are concerned about the outdoor entertainment options So if you have an outdoor living space, then take a bit of time and effort to make it look stunning. This you can achieve by probably fixing up an outdated patio, giving a clean with bleach, fix wobbling slabs or deck boards. Again these are small jobs which will pay off in spades. You can also plant some trees that will aid in providing shade in some time to come and simply give your home that extra touch.

• It is also important to ensure that all your taps and toilet are in good working order when selling and showing your home to potential buyers. Can you imagine how annoying dripping faucets can be? You should also see to it that all the light bulbs are functioning properly to give your home that bright look when showing your potential buyers around.

You can now see that selling a home is not that a difficult task. On the other hand, you can make it as interesting as you wish to! Following this guideline will see to it that selling your home should be successful, and you will be amazed at the results you get!

Auckland Lawyer for Rent Payment Disputes

Can Commercial Landlords Retain Tenants Property For Unpaid Rent?

James Turner

James Turner

Many people think that when you invest in real estate and especially in commercial property, the only job you have to do as a landlord is smile all the way to the bank. Unfortunately it is not that easy and the life of a commercial landlord is a little more complicated than that. The most difficult part is dealing with tenants especially collecting rent that is due. Some unscrupulous tenants do not pay and even cause damage to the property which could leave landlords with big losses from unpaid rent and bills to restore the premises. However, the big question that most landlords ask is: Is it possible to retain a client’s property due to unpaid rent? Well, here are a few tips to help you figure out what to do.

To start with, the most commercial property leases in Auckland are based on the Auckland District Law Society standard lease agreement. This states that a tenant must pay the rent within ten working days of the due date. If it is not paid by that date then the landlord can issue a “notice of intention to cancel” the lease. A landlord or their legal representative can issue the notice which is required to have ten working days notice so in effect the tenant has 20 working days to pay the rent arrears.

However, if after that time, a landlord might feel that they can enter the premises and seize or in the legal jargon, “distrain” assets or property for the value of the outstanding rent. This used to be the case and may even be stated in some older tenancy agreements and leases. However, the Property Law Act of 2007 abolished this option. So the simple answer is “No”; a landlord cannot enter a tenant’s business and seize property to cover the rent arrears.

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to deal with difficult clients is, first of all, making a very water tight tenancy agreement that they have to sign before they gain access to your property. Assuming that the ADSL lease document will be used, then one precaution that a landlord can take is to have the tenant or someone else to give a Personal Guarantee for the rent payments due. Another option is having the tenant give security over some asset for the rent payments. In either of these cases, if the tenant defaults on the rent payment, then the landlord has legal remedy to recover the unpaid rent.

The other option available to you is filing a small claims lawsuit. If the tenant is still within reach, you can file a lawsuit and have the court order the defaulter to pay what is due. This process is relatively easy most of the time and settlements can even be made out of court. However, there are stubborn clients that will look for loopholes in the contract or make spurious claims to delay their obligation. This is frustrating but is the legal process to follow in New Zealand.

If you have commercial tenants in arrears with their rent or are in dispute with them, then the best option is to contact your lawyer. A good dispute lawyer in Auckland to talk to is McVeagh Fleming ( who has a team of lawyers with plenty of experience in commercial rent arrears and how to handle delinquent tenants.

Construction Project Contracts – Get Legal Advice

Geoff Baxter

Geoff Baxter

Contrary to popular belief, constructing a building requires more than just a working knowledge of construction procedures. In fact, one will be required to consider both practical and legal factors when organising the ideal construction project. Whether you are hiring builders or are a builder providing your services, it is important that you have contracts put in place. Drawing up a construction project contract can be a challenging venture and one should always consult with an Albany lawyer for contracts to assist in this task. Below are some tips to successfully prepare an effective construction project contract.

Why do you need a Construction Contract?

The reason for this is so that all parties on the project team, private contractors, building companies and the project manager, have an understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are. It also provides clear documentation of the roles and responsibilities according to the business and contractor. The legal contracts will give protection to all parties with regards to legal matters. This article will provide information on the construction project contract and the elements that should be placed in the contract.

1. Construction Project Preparation

Studies have shown that the most effective construction projects are based on effective organizational project preparation. When drafting an organizational chart it is important to consider all individuals involved along with the aims of the project. By drawing up this chart one will be aware of what construction procedures are required, the responsibilities of the individuals, and the position of the different team members. It is an effective preparation mechanism as it outlines all aspects of the project in a clear and concise manner ensuring that everyone knows what needs to be done.

2. Including Outside Organisation Positions

In addition to the first-hand members of a construction team, one must also consider any outside organisations that may contribute to the project; for example, the third-party sub-contractors who could be construction services or providing particular resource materials. By including those on the organisational project plan one will have a clear understanding of their involvement in the project and what their responsibilities will be at what time.

3. Clear Description of Responsibilities

In some construction projects, some team members may be required to carry out multiple roles with additional responsibilities. By detailing this all parties will be certain of their obligations however, it is advised that the positions on the organisation chart are structured according to the role and not the individual. This means that all roles are detailed individually instead of all obligations being placed under one individual’s name.

4. Clearly State Remuneration Stages and Penalties

For larger projects payment is usually made after the completion of agreed stages. Often there will be penalty payments due if one party does not meet their contractual obligations. This will vary from one project to another so the agreement must be reasonable and achievable for the various contracting parties. It is no use expecting the roofing contractor to complete their work if the framing contractors have not finished their job. Therefore, the penalty clauses should be in accordance with the appropriate time-scale. This single aspect is extremely complicated and clearly could be expensive to one party if it is not a well drafted contract. Therefore you are strongly recommended to consult an Albany lawyer for contracts for building projects.

5. Consider Restrictions

The final factor to consider when drawing up a construction project contract is the restrictions team members may face. It is important to outline the limitations of roles to ensure that all individuals do not overstep any boundaries.

Final Thoughts on Construction Project Contracts

As can be seen, there are numerous factors to consider when drafting a construction project contract. By using the information above, and obtaining professional legal assistance such as an Albany lawyer for contracts, one will find the task less complicated and daunting and protecting your interests too.

Gas fitter for Henderson

Gas Fitting Is Dangerous – You Need A Skilled Plumber For Quality Work


Gas is important for day to day use, but it is also very dangerous when mishandled or interfered with. That is why most people consider seeking assistance from a plumber or qualified Henderson gas fitter to help with cases of gas fittings and repair. Calling an expert in this field saves you from the dangers and the risk related to gas. A plumber can save you from future accidents, which is why you might want to call one for their services.

Why It Is Convenient To Call A Skilled Gas Fitter

Henderson Gas fitter


Calling a skillful plumber comes with a number of advantages to you the client. The first benefit you will get from a plumber is quality work without any miscalculations. A small mistake can cause gas to lick and may end up causing more damage. Another great benefit of calling a plumber is that they are well equipped with every tool that is required to get the job done.

However, if you choose to repair or install the fittings yourself, you will be required to buy the necessary tools that you will need for your job. That means you will be adding unnecessary cost to your budget. A plumber is also skilled on how to install gas bottle pigtails, regulators and gas lines. They are also experienced in installing detection system for detecting gas and gas meter as well.

What To Look For In A Skilled Plumber and Gas Fitter

Finding a plumber to solve your gas fitting problem has become an easy task. That is because many people have joined this field claiming to be experts but they are not. How do you tell whether a plumber is qualified or not? The first thing a skilled and professional plumber should have is a license. Alternatively are they members of the Master Plumbers Association?

Henderson gas fitting


A licensed and professional plumber should also be qualified on gas and hot water system. However, other plumbers are only specialized at a specific task in the field of plumbing. However, if you need to get the entire project complete within a short period of time, then it is advisable that you hire a plumber who has diverse knowledge of dealing with all these issues.

Moreover, a professional Henderson gas fitter should also have the right tools for the job. Either you are hiring a private plumber or dealing with a company that is offering gas fitting services, make sure they have the latest tools for the job to ensure quality work is done. In case there are certain parts that need to be replaced, the company or the private plumber uses their own spare and charges you an extra cost.

One of the biggest plumbing companies sin Henderson is Heron Plumbing. They will be able to help you with any gas-fitting jobs in Henderson and the surrounding areas.


Gas fitting services may cost you less or more depending on the task at hand. Furthermore, a skilled plumber will educate you on how to maintain your gas fittings so that they can last for a longer period and save you the cost of replacement. Moreover, a Henderson gas fitter also makes sure that the gas fittings are perfectly installed by conducting a test after the work is done.