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West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Company Gives Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips


It often doesn’t take long for your brand-new carpet to start to look a bit dull, or even stained. This is especially the case if you have young children, or pets that bring in dirt, and grime. Here are some tips from a West Auckland carpet cleaning company, to help you freshen up your carpet.


Keeping your carpet clean, and looking like new is not an easy job but you don’t have to hire a West Auckland carpet cleaning company just yet.


To get the best value, and usage out of your carpet, try the following tips for cleaning your carpet yourself.


Carrying out regular maintenance and upkeep is essential to extend the life of your carpet. If you use a vacuum cleaner every week, and also not letting people to wear outside shoes in your house, you can add five years or more to the life of your carpet. Regular vacuum cleaning removes dust, and grime which stops them from getting ground in to the carpet fibres. Preventing external shoes and only allowing socks or slippers from being worn on your carpet, stops hard materials like grit wearing the carpet fibres, and stops oils from skin getting into the carpet.


In case a carpet does get stained, or you have a particularly dirty event such as a wet dog coming into your home, there are various carpet cleaning products you can make at home. Using these along with some simple carpet cleaning tips, you can make your carpet look like new again.


If you are going to clean an extensive area of carpet, make sure to only use a warm water solution. Warm water means the grime, and oils can be broken down faster, and more thoroughly too. You can use commercially available cleaning agents from your supermarket, but a simple mix of water and white vinegar works just as well. White vinegar pulls out marks from the carpet fibres making the carpet cleaner, and softer.


If you have stains in your carpet, there are various ways to treat them. For red wine, club soda works well, food stains can be removed with brake cleaner, and WD40 is good to remove grease, or oil marks.


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For the brake cleaner, you merely have to apply the cleaner to a clean cloth, and then blot the stained area. After the stain has been removed, dampen the area with the white vinegar, and water solution.


For oil or grease stains, simply spray the stained area with WD40, and let it rest for half an hour. Then, blot the area dry, and rinse it a mixture of dish soap and water.


A good general stain remover for carpets is shaving cream. If the shaving cream is applied directly to the stain and left to set for half an hour, it will remove most types of stain. After the shaving cream has set, gently blot it away with a dry, white cloth. After that, rinse the area with a solution of white vinegar and water.


If you are cleaning any carpet stain, you must remember to blot the affected area and do not rub it from side to side. Rubbing can cause the carpet fibres to breakdown, and it forces the stain particles into the carpet.

Carpet cleaning can be a simple, and easy task if you use these carpet cleaning tips. In addition, it can save you money if you do not buy commercial cleaning products.


However, sometimes people do not have the time to properly clean their carpets, or there may be a particularly difficult stain to remove. In that case, you are best advised to call in a professional West Auckland carpet cleaning company, like Go Green Carpet Cleaning. They also have the added benefit of only using environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques, and agents.